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Public relations and communications professionals play an important role in bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to both our organizations and our industry. This conference is designed to empower communicators with tools, language, and insights to advance the conversation to help our organizations begin making actionable change and to better reflect the publics our organizations serve. 


This is an important opportunity for PR and communications professionals at every experience level across private, public, non-profit and agency sectors. This conference will bring together professionals for real discussions about how we can advance equity, diversity and inclusion inside and outside of our organizations. 


With breakout sessions, panel discussions, keynotes and workshops, this event will motivate and empower communicators to begin the necessary work of improving our industry and organizations.


The time is now.

Respectful Dialogue Guide

Participant Pledge


By attending and participating in this dialogue we ask that you pledge to discuss this topic with civility, to treat people whose opinions differ from yours with respect, and to focus on ideas, policies and values. Above all, remember to practice empathy as you enter into this sensitive and triggering discussion. 


Guide to Respectful Dialogue

The goal of this conversation is to provide widespread learning and foster understanding among us. We want to identify issues and create industry-wide change. We can’t accomplish this without creating a space where engaged practitioners can exchange intelligent and informed commentary, and feel comfortable sharing their experience to enhance the quality of our discussion. 


We believe as professionals, we can have different opinions and maintain civil discourse. And we know there are ways to politely challenge, push back or point out inconsistencies. 


Respectful language must be used and will be enforced at all times.


A few things we won't tolerate include name-calling, personal attacks, obscenity, and vulgarity. Individuals displaying this behaviour will be warned once, and subsequently removed from the discussion. 

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